How will the B4U Build software save me time and money?

The B4U Build software is designed to provide you with costings for your project quickly so you can determine if the project will fit within your budget. Completing the B4U Build process can save you time and headaches starting preliminary work on your project only to find you cannot afford to complete the project.  

In just 15 minutes you will get a price estimate for your project so you can determine if you can afford to proceed or adjust your project requirements. This saves you time and money having plans drawn up and seeking quotes from builders only to find the project is going to cost more than expected. 

The B4U Build software consists of current pricing in today’s market from credible sources across Australia. It won’t give you 100% accurate pricing for your specific project but it will give you a close estimate. 

This estimate will help you determine if your project is in line with your budget. You will receive enough information for you to decide whether to adjust your project requirements or move forward and seek more detailed quotes.

The B4U Build software is not going to be 100% accurate for your project. But it will be close enough to allow you to make an informed decision on what to do going forward. 


The B4U Build data has been drawn from reputable builders, suppliers and other sources Australia wide and compiled into a standard pricing framework. This pricing does take into account general room sizes, price ranges for materials and finishes and current building labour costs. It does not however, account for specific details on each and every individual project. 


The software is designed to give an accurate ballpark figure, not a detailed price list. 

You will need to know: 


  • A general idea of the number of rooms / spaces your new home will have. This can include living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. The app will calculate the rough sizing for these spaces. 
  • The level of finishes you want to achieve in your home.


The software allows for you to play around with details of the project, such as number of rooms and finishes. You can keep tweaking the details until you are happy and the costs fit within your budget. 

Once you have completed all the details in the software, it will calculate your costs and within 15 minutes with a design brief to suit your budget.


You are able to then download this information and take it to a builder and/or a design professional (such as an Architect or a Building Designer) to have detailed plans created and a personalised building quote prepared. 

The software can be used for both new house builds and structural renovations. It also works well for knockdown rebuilds, extensions, additions and granny flats. 

Once you receive the B4U Build information and estimate, you then can determine if you have the funds to complete the project or if you need to rethink your requirements. 


If the estimate you receive fits within your budget, you can take the information to a builder, or designer and start the build process. All the information you receive via the B4U Build software is a great starting point to know what to include in your project. 


If the estimate you receive is not in alignment with your budget, you can go back through the software and adjust the information, such as altering the size of the project or changing the level of finishes until it does meet your budget requirements or you are happy with the details. 

It is always recommended to speak to a builder before you speak to an architect. Or speak to both at the same time. It’s important that your builder has a good working relationship with your Architect or building designer. This is the best way to ensure any plans that are created for your home are realistic and are created in line with your budget.

If the quote does not include all the information required for you to be comfortable agreeing to engage the builder, you need to go back to the builder and ask for the quote to be amended.


Having comprehensive quotes that include all the relevant information is important to ensure you are not stung with variations throughout the project (which can quickly lead to costly budget blowouts). It’s also important when comparing quotes so you know that the prices quoted cover the same work. 


Have a list of missing information ready when you go back to the builder and ask for the quote to be updated.  

Whether you wait or decide to go with another builder is a decision only you can make. Good builders will often have a waitlist and you may find it’s worth the wait. However, if you have time constraints and simply can’t afford to wait, then it may be in your best interests to seek out another builder who has availability. 

It’s important to speak to the bank or your finance lender very early on in your build process. Your build budget is going to be the driving force behind all the decisions you make for your home build so it’s important to know how much money you have to work with and what the process is regarding construction and finance. 

The easiest way to avoid any budget blowouts is to have accurate plans created from the start and a thorough cost estimation completed for your project.